Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What's That Sound?

Last weekend was spectacular.  On Saturday, we attended our town's annual celebration.  On Sunday, we went to a nearby historic home that hosts an annual family fun day.  Both days were beautiful.  The kids got out some excess energy; They breathed in lots of fresh air.

On Monday, we had a bit of a break.  The EI (early intervention) coordinator was away on vacation, so Josiah had a Monday off.  On Tuesday, his speech therapist came.  Josiah spent the hour fussing and trying to avoid her.  There's more of a story but I'll spare you the agony.  Suffice to say, we're not impressed.  On Wednesday, the PT (physical therapist) worked with Josiah.  He sometimes complains when he has to work, but this day he cried incessantly.

Thursday, we made an appointment with the the pediatrician.  The 3 year old had been coughing (mildly) for two days.  I suspected Josiah might have an ear infection.  In the end, the 3 year old was diagnosed with a mild case of croup.  Josiah's ears were pink but not infected.  Home we journeyed.

If you haven't experienced croup, it's interesting.  When our little one first got croup (about a year ago), he emerged from his bedroom with the 'infamous' cough.  C sat straight up and said, "What the hell is that?"  It is that striking.  The sound of a croup cough is often compared to that of a barking seal.  It is caused by swelling of the larynx (voice box) and trachea (windpipe).  It is caused, generally, by a virus.  It is most common in children three and under.

Our week proceeded.  On Friday, the 6 year old had a friend over.  We went to a playground.  It was a good day.  Josiah went to bed around 8pm.  Around 9pm, we were startled by Josiah's cries.  Running into his room, I found him - eyes wide open - gasping for air.  It is a scary thing.  Within minutes, we had everyone packed into the van and were headed to the nearest e.r.

At the hospital, Josiah received his first steroid shot (which helped immensely).  He was diagnosed with a severe case of croup, complete with stridor cough.  For those of you that don't know, stridor is a noisy, harsh breathing that occurs when a child inhales.  It is frightening sound.  By 1am, we were heading home with all our babies.  We were grateful.

Saturday morning, our six year old hurried out of his bedroom.  He had to pee.  Normally, I wouldn't have been startled.  Perhaps it was the cough that accompanied his expeditious walk.  It was the same cough that once made C sit up and ask, "What the hell is that?"  Yes, I was sure.  He, too, had the croup.  

We were able to snag an 11:15 appointment with the pediatrician.  In the end, the 6 year old had croup and conjunctivitis.  The 3 year old's croup was the same but he was developing an ear infection.  Josiah was 'croupy' but also had a full blown ear infection.  After a couple of stops, we arrived home with one more humidifier, steroids for two children, antibiotics for two children, nebulizer meds for one child, and eye drops for another.  

That was Saturday.  Sunday, Monday, and today have been relatively peaceful.  The steroids are done.  We just have antibiotics and eye drops to administer.  The kids are quickly getting back to normal.  What's that sound?  Now, it's the sound of (basically) healthy kids.

Be well, my friends :)