Friday, September 20, 2013

A Switch in Therapies

Sometimes change is needed.  Recently, we found that to be true.

Josiah was receiving speech and occupational therapy twice per month.  That had been the schedule for months.  As he nears his second birthday, I wondered if that was enough.  After talking to other parents of children with Down syndrome, we decided to switch things up.  We reached out to a local rehabilitation center that offers traditional rehab-based therapy.

Josiah was evaluated by their clinicians, two weeks ago, for speech and occupational therapy (OT).  He was deemed eligible for both services, twice weekly - that is quadruple the services he had been receiving.  

The evaluation for speech deemed him age-appropriate for receptive language skills; he understands everything.  His delays, however, in expressive speech were apparent (this was not new news).  Josiah says three words.  He will be two next month.  They have suggested using a communication book.  Where Josiah's receptive language skills are so keen, they feel he is a great candidate for such a tool.  We are excited to try this new communication aide.

OT will continue to work on fine/gross motor skills.  I anticipate huge strides as the number of sessions per month have just multiplied x4.  I am excited as change is in the air.  Fall will be an exciting time for Josiah.  I believe that huge things are going to happen for him.  

What an exciting time it is.....


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