Sunday, July 13, 2014

Therapy Overload

Being proactive, we called Early Intervention before Josiah was born.  We called again about one week after his birth.  He was six weeks old when the assessment took place.  Starting at six weeks, he was seen weekly by the case manager, physical therapist, and occupational therapist.  Three appointments per week, for the first year-and-a-half.  Then speech was added.  Four therapy appointments per week, at home.

Shortly before his second birthday, the occupational therapist moved and we had an issue with the speech therapist.  Knowing he had one year left with EI, and then would age out, we switched occupational therapy & speech therapy to an outside agency where he would receive both services twice weekly.  Two appointments at home, four appointments outside the home.  Of course, playgroup was additional.  These didn't account for 'extras' - trips to Children's, the DS clinic, pediatrician, or dentist.

Given the last three months (with C being ill), this Mama is finding herself on therapy overload.  C used to take Josiah to his outside appointments (two days per week - two therapies back-to-back).  I would attend to grocery shopping and the like.  All of that has changed as C can no longer lift Josiah.

Thankfully, C drives the two 'big' boys to/from preschool/camp each day, while I stay at home preparing Josiah for his day.

Some mornings roll around and I think to myself, "I just can't do this today."  Yes, I have cancelled therapy due to my own inability to carry on.  It doesn't happen often, but happens more than I like to admit.  I week, I simply decided to take the week off.

Josiah is such a little trouper as I carry him from appointment to appointment.  He arrives with a smile, every time.  He works hard at everything he does.  I sit, exhausted, watching him.

He ages out of EI in 3 months.  That will end the home visits.  Physical therapy will get added to our list of outside appointments - six therapy sessions per week.  He will receive some services at school.  We will continue to take him to playgroups, when scheduling allows.

Sometimes, I am tired just thinking about our schedule.  I feel like we're on therapy overload.  I wonder if other parents feel that way too..... 


  1. You are definitely not alone in this... sometimes when I'm overwhelmed with all the therapy appointments, I intentionally space them out and tell myself that it's ok. I need the break. After some time, I do feel better and more recharged to start the cycle again.

    1. It helps to know that other parents feel the same way. Last week was one of "those" weeks - we simply took the week off ;). It does help to occasionally say, "I'm just not going to do this today."