Saturday, December 31, 2011

1st Hospitalization

As it usually happens, all three boys have colds.  First one gets it, then the next, then the next.  Carl and I never seem to escape either.  So, for about a month, the two older boys have had runny noses and ultimately coughs.  Carl and I have had the same.  Wednesday night, Josiah developed a cough.  Luckily none of them have fevers.  We made the decision to have the two younger ones checked out at the docs.  We were most concerned with Josiah given his young age and the DS (as we've read DS kids are more prone to respiratory infection).

Friday morning, we packed up and headed to the pediatrician.  The concern for Josiah became quickly apparent.  Given the DS, undiagnosed heart murmur, labored breathing, and upcoming long-holiday weekend, the MD gave his recommendation: Go to Children's and have him checked out there.

We packed up the van (again) and headed to Boston.  We arrived at the e.r. and were seen quickly (as the MD had called ahead).  After a short examination, they decided to admit our little man.  We were brought to a floor relatively quickly.  They assessed, re-assessed, and came up with their plan: Monitor his breathing, be sure his lungs don't collapse, monitor vitals, provide nebulizer treatments, see what the morning brings.  Carl eventually left with the two older boys (they got an overnight at Grammie's :), and I stayed with Josiah.

We had a double-room.  Josiah's little room-mate was a cutie pie...all 15 lbs of him (compared to Josiah's 9 lbs).  He was in for a fever & being treated with anti-biotics.  It was a small world.  Josiah and his new friend were born on the same day, at the same hospital....both admitted to Children's, and placed in the same room.  The other Mom was a sweetheart.  It was nice to have another Mom to talk to during our stay.

We were lucky.  Josiah's vitals remained stable throughout the night.  He received three nebulizer treatments but required no additional supports.  He slept and ate well throughout the duration.  Carl arrived early this a.m. to wait with me.  At noon, we were told that Josiah was doing well and could go home.  Around 1pm, we received our discharge papers, packed up our little guy, and headed home.

Josiah's little friend got the same good news....they, too, were going home.

I'm so pleased that we'll be ringing in the New Year at home :)

We close out 2011 knowing we are blessed with three happy, strong, healthy little boys.

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