Monday, August 20, 2012

Bated Breath's Burst Bubble

As you may remember, I was a bit excited 2 weeks ago.  Josiah had last weighed in at 13lbs 2oz.  That was June 8th.  Fast forward to the end of July.  I brilliantly 'guestimated' (at home) a weight of 16lbs 10oz.  That result injected a, perhaps overinflated, sense of excitement (and desire to 'knock their socks off').  I was rearing to get Josiah back to the MD for an official weight check.  Of course, I did what I threatened to do.  I called the pediatrician's office and had him back in there on two days later.

August 1st.  I had to settle for a different MD - Josiah's was on vacation (he had some nerve when I was ready to gloat :).  Josiah was weighed.  15lbs 11oz.  Crap!!!!  A momentary disappointment, followed by "Hey!  He gained over 2 lbs in less than 8 weeks."  If I hadn't thought he weighed almost 17, I'd have been dancing down the hallway at the pediatrician's office.  Unfortunately, I did think he weighed more.  Oh well!  I made one more appointment for mid-August in preparation for the audiology clinic appointment.

Mid-August....back to the pediatrician.  9 month visit (one month late), weight check, and ear check.  Weigh-in - 15lbs 3oz - OUCH!  It was an 8oz weight loss in 10 days.  Damn!  It's the never ending roller coaster.  Well, it wasn't that bad.  Josiah's regular pediatrician was back.  Despite the 8oz weight loss, the MD was thrilled with the 2 lb weight gain over 2 months.  Things are moving up, slowly but surely.  (Kel, needless-to-say, I never got the satisfaction of the FU smile lol).

No shots for the 9-month check - thank goodness!  Even better, Josiah had no fluid in his ears.  That should bode well for audiology!  Right???

So that's that.  The weight is improving but not as quickly as "they" would like, sometimes.  We're just muddling through day by day.  We smile at every little accomplishment.  We dream of the next one.  We continue to watch with amazement, the blessings we have been gifted.

Next stop, Boston....the audiology appointment.  I love walking into that clinic.  You enter into a professional building on a busy city street.  You pass the security desk, press the elevator button, and ultimately reach the destination.  As the elevator doors open, the first visible 'landmark' is the Big Bird on the wall.  He silently stands there to greet you, as if to say "Welcome." 

We were there early....40 minutes early.  Josiah was called fairly quickly - impressive in itself.  They checked his ears for fluid and found none (YAY!!!!).  He didn't like the ear probes.  Therefore, the test result was not perfect.  Ok, step 2.  I carried Josiah into the testing room.  He sat on my lap.  An MD sat in front of us facing Josiah.  She acted goofy in an effort to maintain his attention.  Now the 'test' began.  Noises (varying from tones to music to voices) would sound (in varying volume levels).  They wanted Josiah to turn his head left or right - to correspond with the direction of the 'noise.'  Well, he did - sometimes.  His facial expression changed EVERY time indicating he could hear.  However, he picked and chose when he wanted to turn his head. 

They say the test was inconclusive.  They say "developmentally" he's still a bit young for this test.  Really????  I say....he thought their test was stupid :)

We'll go back, again, in a couple of months.  Until then, Josiah continues to inspire me everyday <3.  I love you, little man!

"Don't ever underestimate me!  I would never do that to you." 

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