Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer's Last Hoorah!

As summer winds down quickly, Carl and I prepare for the changes in our household dynamics.  We find ourselves on a roller coaster of emotion.  "Yay!  They're going to be out of the house" quickly changes to "Awww....our little guys!  We're going to miss them."

Jesse starts Kindergarten tomorrow and will be whisked off every day, via bus, and will begin a lifetime of learning.  He will be gone from approximately 7:45am until 3pm Monday through Friday. 

James starts early preschool this week.  He will be dropped off for a six hour day, five days per week.

How strange it will be. 

Josiah will be the only child home during the day.  What a quiet wonderment that will be!

James's EI appointments have all been rescheduled.  So, Carl and I declared this the last hoorah weekend.

Friday, we spent the day at home - which this Mama desperately needed!!!!

On Saturday, we spent the day yard saling - bargain hunting - and going out to dinner with the boys.

Sunday, we found ourselves (beginning) Christmas shopping at a nearby flea market, one quick yard sale, and a late night run to Friendly's.  Yes, that Jim Dandy was totally worth it!

Today, we're hitting a couple of store sales.  Later, the boys will get their baths.  Backpacks will be loaded for the first day of school.  We will start our new "school night schedule."  UGH!  I can't believe a big yellow bus will take our little boy off to Kindergarten in the morning.

In the meanwhile, it's almost 9am and Josiah is still asleep.  I'm hoping he's ok.  He's been sneezing the last few days.  His left eye seemed a bit teary yesterday.  His nose seemed a bit boogery yesterday.  I hope he's not getting sick.  Keeping my fingers crossed.....  I've checked on his twice & he is sleeping well.  I will let him (hopefully) sleep this off.

Happy Labor Day, my friends :)

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