Monday, December 31, 2012

Who Needs Synagis?

As Fall approached, our pediatrician's office worked steadfastly to get Josiah approved for Synagis shots this year.  Their attempts were shot down.  The MD appealed the decision.  The whole process took until well-into October.  Their effort, futile.  The insurance company said that Josiah doesn't need them; he's not at-risk.  Ok.....

As Christmas day came to an end, Josiah's cough became more pronounced.  The three year old had had a cough for almost a month.  They had both been diagnosed with an ear infection; both had resisted amoxycillin.  They were both on their second round of antibiotics - a Saturday morning visit to the pediatrician, three days before Christmas, had proven that the first round was unsuccessful.

Late Tuesday night, I ventured into the attic searching for the two humidifiers I knew were stored there.  I quickly found them and dragged them out of their hidden corners.  Downstairs, I determined that only one was working.  So, I had to choose - which kid gets the working one?  Well, I rationalized, the three year old is getting better, and can take zarbees cough medicine (pure honey).  So, Josiah won!  The humidifier was set up in hopes that his cough would settle down. 

During the next 48 hours, we listened to Josiah become more and more congested.  Friday morning, I was well aware that the Holiday weekend loomed in front of us.  We called the pediatrician and got a 2pm appointment.  We figured, let's have the two youngest checked.  As usual, we were there on time and ushered right into a room.  The MD came in and made an immediate remark that Josiah didn't sound well.

The three year old was checked first and given a big thumbs up.  His ear infection is on it's way out.  Then, it was Josiah's turn.  Lungs listened to - "they sound wet."  That's not good.  Ears checked - "that one looks awful!"  Ugh!  T-shirt pulled up - ribs retracting when breathing.  Uh-oh!  Did I mention that the Holiday weekend was looming?  "He probably has RSV."  "If it's not RSV, it's pneumonia."  End result - head to Children's.

The MD called ahead so they would be expecting us.  We hoped to drop the older boys off at their grandparents house - we were told not to waste the time.  Three boys packed into the car, quick stop at the gas station, and we hit the road for Children's Hospital.  Friday at 3pm, on a Holiday weekend, doesn't bode well for traveling (especially when there's a sense of urgency).  We made it to the e.r. around 4:15pm.  C dropped Josiah and I off, and headed home with the older boys.

E.R. visits always take a while.  I was fairly certain we'd be staying overnight.  It was only one year ago, on New Year's Eve weekend, we had made this same trip.  Josiah had a suspected case of RSV and we were sent from pedi to e.r.  Last year, Josiah was hospitalized.  I anticipated the same.

I immediately stated that I wanted Josiah tested for RSV (they don't usually formally test because it doesn't change the actual treatment).  The MD's were great and obliged.  At 9pm, the MD entered the room, "Did you hear?"  I replied, "Hear what?"  MD, "You nailed it from the beginning.  He has RSV."  I asked, "Did you document that?"  She smiled and simply said "Yes."

Luckily, they didn't feel that Josiah required hospitalization this time around.  Josiah was discharged; C came back for us and we headed home at about 10pm.

He had a fever late that night; it responded well to Tylenol.  His cough and congestion got worse; both now seem to be improving.  It's New Year's Eve and we're home.  We are thankful for the blessings in our life.

It upsets me that a faceless individual decided that our son isn't "at risk."  Our son doesn't need the Synagis shots (which protect at-risk kids from RSV).  I'm upset that our son has to go through the congestion, coughing, and fevers.  I'm upset that he's been housebound due to my fear of him getting worse.  I'm upset that he's sick.  It's because of a faceless person and someone's bottom-line (ie money).  So sad.  After all, who needs synagis???

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