Monday, December 24, 2012

Zero to Sixty Faster Than the Speed of Light

Tonight was certainly not one of my prouder moments.  It involved an accumulation of stuff followed by a three year old boy.

I'd like to know how a child who is knee-high to a a grasshopper, can invoke such mommy- dearest-type reactions (perhaps that's a slight exaggeration).

The middle boy (age 3) had his "well visit" two weeks ago.  All was perfect.  24 hours later, at my urging, C took him to the e.r.  Diagnosis: middle ear infection.  Treatment: Amoxicillin.  No problem.  Little one loves the bubblegum flavor so, for the next ten days, he gladly took his medicine.  Now, albeit, an occasional dose was missed (school, fell asleep, Mom/Dad forgot, etc) so, fast forward to day ten, while I was pouring his last dose he pipes up "Mom, my ear hurts."  Great!  Last dose consumed.  Pediatrician office the next day (yesterday).  Yup!  Ear infection still there.  Same ear.  "It's early in the season to see resistant strains," says the N.P.  Well, that's encouraging!

Off we went with a new script - new medication.  Let's try this again.  Not missing a dose was stressed.  To make it easier, the new medication is to be taken once daily.  Perfect!  Last night, 5pm, time to take medicine.  Little one takes one sip (after questioning why this medication doesn't look like the last one - it's white in color, not pink).  He took one sip and announced he hated it.  End result - me laying him over my lap & squirting it in his mouth with a syringe.  That's always a pleasant thing to have to do.

This afternoon, C calls pharmacy.  We pay to have the medication flavored with 'bubble gum' flavoring.  He brings it home.  I pour it.  Little one sees the same white color and questions it.  Trusting me, he takes one sip.  He promptly announces he hates it.  End result - me laying him over my lap & squirting it in his mouth with a syringe.  New twist - HE SPIT IT OUT.  So much for not missing a dose.  I was FIT TO BE TIED.  Mad?  Yes!  Exasperated?  Even more so!!!  I went from zero to sixty faster than the speed of light.  I yelled and shouted; I was bordering on 'over the edge.'  I had to walk outside to cool off.

I'm already dreading tomorrow's dose.

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