Saturday, November 14, 2015


When you grow up & continue to live in New England, September 1st means "Fall."  Summer is over.  Already, cooler air creeps in. 

On September 1st, Jesse started the 3rd grade.  James & Josiah had one more week before starting Kindergarten and preschool, respectively.  We were ready for another great year.  That week, we attended preschool orientation, and Kindergarten screening/orientation.  We enjoyed a trip to the playground, and had a last hoorah play date.  The boys had sleepovers and we spent Labor Day at a local water park - we had the time of our lives.  Then the younger boys started their new school year.  With all three back in school, we returned to our normal routine.

The middle of September brought on the school's fun run!  It was a riot!!!!  The boys loved the PTO-sponsored fundraiser.  Carl & I cheered them on, from the sidelines.

Josiah got glasses and hearing aides.  We were doing all we could to give him the very best advantage.  All was perfect!!!  The boys got haircuts & looked wonderful for school picture day, at the end of September.

Carl and I were planning for fun things ahead.  We started talking about Fall trips to the local theme park.  We looked forward to our annual trip the pumpkin patch.  We talked about birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and how much fun we'd have in Disney, early next year.

Josiah's IEP meeting was fantastic.  The parent-teacher orientation, at school, was awesome!  We liked all the teachers.  We liked philosophies, we were thrilled about everything!!!

It was a picture perfect start to the school year.  It was picture perfect, until it was no longer.....

The noun "Fall" represents a season.  When used as a verb, it can bring on a whole new meaning.  It can be scary.  It can change everything.....

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