Friday, November 13, 2015


Time is a funny thing.  It keeps you going.  It provides joy and laughter, pain and tears.  Sometimes you have too much.  At other times, not enough.  I suppose the same is true with life.

Once upon a time, I wrote for the therapeutic value.  I wrote for the enjoyment.  I wrote because I had something to say.  I wrote when I was at a loss for words.  Then the writing slowed but not because any of the motivators had vanished.  Rather, it seems TIME to write had vanished.

As I'm realizing that nearly a year has passed since my last post, my mind is reeling with the knowledge of all that has transpired since.  As I try to compartmentalize the events of 2015, I shall endeavor to share my year's journey with you.

Josiah completed his first year of preschool, in June.  His 5 year old brother completed his last year of preschool in May.  The oldest brother completed the 2nd grade, at the end of June.  The second half of the year brought cold weather & snow.  It slowly welcomed Spring.  Recess resumed for children.  We felt less trapped. 

The slightly warmer weather made us long for Summer.  By April, we looked forward to summer vacation and the increased opportunity to "make memories" with the boys.  We began planning a trip to Disney (to commence in 2016).  We couldn't wait for less school, more fun.

It was during these months that we became friendly with another local family.  They have a daughter who also has Down syndrome.  She is 6 months younger than Josiah.  She began school in May.  She and Josiah were placed in the same classroom.  We were thrilled.  Josiah liked her; she liked him.  Everything was simply right.

Josiah bloomed during his first year.  He had made huge strides with fine & gross motor skills.  He was signing more & attempting to speak more.  The older boys had enjoyed a great year.  School was coming to an end.  We couldn't wait for summer.  Time moved slowly but summer was finally upon us.

"Making memories" is what we do best.  Now was the time for fun.

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