Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Steady Progress

Since Josiah's EI assessment, things have been moving steadily along.

Last week, Josiah met with D for physical therapy.  Once again, he was (apparently) out to impress.  D repeatedly put him on his tummy; he repeatedly tolerated it.  D was thrilled, again.  Josiah performs tummy tricks like a trooper.  He has started to utilize weight bearing in his arms, as shown here:

He is also starting to pull his legs under him.  These are two great steps towards crawling.

Although I don't have pictures yet, Josiah has started "side sitting."  He hates it, but is started to "feel" it.  I'll get some pics soon.

Josiah worked with K this week, if you can call it work.  For the first time ever, Josiah genuinely appeared to be 'lazy'.  He showed no interest in working.  It was hysterical!  He didn't want to roll over.  He didn't want to cooperate with tummy time.  He wanted no part of his session.  He was interested in casual play, feeding, and sleeping....too funny :)

I'm still waiting on the detailed notes from the assessment; I will post once available.

Meanwhile, I weighed Josiah yesterday.  It's only an estimate BUT he weighed in at approximately 13.6 lbs.  It's a definite weight gain.

Josiah will attend his first DS Clinic tomorrow.  We only have vague information regarding what will transpire there.  I'll look forward to telling you all about it.....

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