Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stone Soup 062812

I certainly didn't mean for this much time to pass before making a new entry in this blog.  Apparently, I have been busy lol.

Jesse (age 5) completed preschool at the end of May.  Two weeks ago, he started "kids college."  It's actually a reading readiness program to better prepare him for Kindergarten.  When I think back to Kindergarten, I fondly recall recess, snack, and 'fun.'  I don't particularly remember K as being "academic," per se.  Boy, things have changed.  I'm amazed as I prepare my first child to enter the public school system.  Academics is stressed from day one!!!  MCAS starts in the 2nd grade.  This seems crazy to me.  But, alas, "it is what it is."  Luckily, Jesse is a smart boy who will do wonderful things.

James (age 2) completed one play group and is finishing up another.  He will start his summer playgroup in a couple of weeks.  He continues to work with speech therapy to improve his communication skills.  He begins 'Jesse's school' (preschool) in September.  He is excited to be a big boy now.

Each week during the summer, we will be taking the kids to various museums, parks, etc.  It's a summer tradition we started about 3 years ago.  The destinations vary but always prove to be a great family day out.  We look forward to each day trip we schedule. 

C & I are well and continue to be amazed by our children, every day.  We couldn't be happier. 

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