Monday, February 11, 2013

Blizzard 2013

Josiah has survived his first blizzard.  Saturday, we woke to about 18 inches of snow.  Of course, he's too young for it to become a childhood memory, but we'll still have the pictures.  Saturday was also the last day of his tummy bug (he came down with that on Thursday, along with his 3 yr old brother).  Daddy and the 6 yr old brother woke up with it on Saturday.  So far, this Mama has escaped disease :)

It was no surprise that we lost power on Friday night (around 8pm).  The snow had really picked up pace and the winds were howlin'.  We slept by flashlight, four of us on the same floor.  We positioned the big boys in the playroom.  Josiah was given the solitude of his room.  Miraculously, everyone slept fairly well.  We were happy to have light on Saturday morning.  The day went along quietly.  Again, the six yr old and C were both on day 1 of a tummy bug.  I played with Josiah and the 3 yr old.  We watched the plows go by.  As night fell, we broke out the flashlights once again.  By 8pm, we were well on the way to dreamland - boredom induced, I believe.  It had dropped from the usual 70 degrees to about 58.

Sunday morning, we were up at about 7am.  It was 46 degrees.  Daddy was better but the 6 yr old was still sick.  We started packing.  By noon, we said good-bye to home.  The electric company is saying we will likely be without power until Thursday night.  We shut off the water main and drained the pipes.  We took some of the food/milk/etc.  We closed the door.  It was 44 degrees inside our house.

We were packed like sardines in the minivan, and we couldn't be happier.  Three kids, check.  Two adults, check.  Dirty laundry (from 4 sick individuals - ewww!) and everyday laundry, check.  Most important perishables, check.  Suitcases, snowsuits, hats, mittens, boots, 'baby' bath tub, a few toys, pepsi (for the Mama), and beer (for the Daddy), check!  Lol.  We were off!

We headed for my parents house; they live about 15 minutes away.  Given that the Governor had implemented a statewide driving ban for 20 hours "to get the roads cleared," it was amazing to see how NOT cleared the roads were.  Nonetheless, we made it and are THRILLED!  Warmth and cable!!!  We are a happy family.  Everyone slept well last night.  Everyone seems to be feeling well today :)  So, off we go.  We're going to drive around to get some good blizzard pics & stop at the grocery store.

Stay safe and warm, friends!


  1. Hope y'all are safe and cozy.

    1. Thanks, Jody :). We stayed at the grandparent's house until Wed, then returned home. Safe & cozy <3