Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tuesday's Huge Stride

February vacation began on Saturday, three days post-moving-home (from Blizzard displacement).  I taught on Saturday, visited with my Aunt, and accomplished things around the house.  Sunday and Monday (the holiday) - I did nothing.  I stayed in my pajamas, fed the kids, bathed the boys, and otherwise sat on my behind....a much needed break.

This morning started as usual.  The three year old whom we now refer to as the human alarm clock arose at 6:06am.  We call him the human alarm clock because he awakes, without fail, between 6:00-6:30 (usually between 6:05 and 6:20).  We managed to get him ready for preschool and C left with him, running, at 7:48.  At 7:52, around the corner, they determined that they must have missed the bus.  C drove him to school, arriving there at 8:10.  As it turns out, the bus isn't running this week due to vacation week. 

Meanwhile at home, C (occupational therapist) arrived at 8:15 for her scheduled appointment with Josiah.  He was up, changed, dressed, nursed, and ready to play.  C came with a friend today.  It was twice the fun, twice the attention.  Josiah loved it.  While D (physical therapist) continues to work with Josiah on gross motor, C focuses more of her attention on fine motor (grasping small object, gripping, eating, etc).  Josiah is making good progress in this area.  He laughed, flirted, and worked hard for C today.  He did very well.

By 9:30, the session was over.  Josiah was exhausted.  He ate his cereal (baby oatmeal & fruit), the six yr old got ready, and we were out the door.  Our adventure was one of many small accomplishments.  We paid bills, dropped paperwork off, picked up a few items for Josiah, kidnapped my Mom (who returned home this past weekend), visited my aunt, returned my Mom, and made our way to preschool.  We got there at 3:45.  We had a busy day but felt good about all we had done. 

We arrived home at 4:15.  We were home for the night.  To satisfy a six year old's desire, we ordered pizza for dinner (meatball sub for the 3 yr old 'cause someone doesn't like pizza lol).  We had a fun night at home.  Everyone was in a good mood.  Things were fairly mellow.  We even watched a movie together.  Then it was time for the 3 yr old to go to bed.  It was about 7:30pm.

As he brushed his teeth in the bathroom, with C supervising, I sat in the living room with the six yr old, and Josiah.  Josiah was on the floor, his oldest brother a short distance away.  As we've seen him do before, Josiah got up on all fours and began rocking.  Something was different.  There was a determination in his eyes that was not to be missed.  I grabbed my phone and frantically opened up the video app.  This is what I captured:

Even as I type this, I am in awe of an amazing little boy.  He's sixteen months old and crawled for the first time tonight.  I couldn't be any prouder.  It's not about age.  It's about a little boy who demonstrates more strength, determination, resiliency, and spirit than anyone I have ever met.  Josiah is my hero and my life has been blessed, tenfold, because he is here <3

The most important moments lie neither at the beginning nor the end,
but rather in the journey getting from one to another.


  1. Oh wow, that brought tears. I'm so proud of little Josiah! What a big boy. I feel the same about my Levi. He works so hard and has the most beautiful spirit. God has truly blessed us.

    1. :) Thanks!!! Truly blessed indeed <3

  2. Hi hope you do not mind my voyerism. Your son is an absolute miracle! Just like my baby Nicholas. He also happens to be +1Xtra=chromosome cute! But he is just one month away from a year. He isn't sitting up yet. But after watching this, I have inspiration. Please give your little man a hug from me and tell him that a someone in Michigan was able to embrace and collect the inspiration and energy that she needed.
    Thank You for writing this blog and for sharing your son.
    Warmest wishes,