Sunday, February 17, 2013

Staycation at the Grandparent's

We spent a total of three nights, four days, at my parents house.  Monday, we went for a drive.  24 hours after a fresh snowfall usually makes for beautiful driving.  Of course, rain greeted us.  Nonetheless, we drove around, went grocery shopping, and returned to my parents house.  Tuesday, C drove home.  Power had been restored.  Cable and water, however, were still on hiatus.  So, we stayed another night at the grandparents home.  No one minded.  Wednesday, C returned home.  Cable was repaired, water restored.  Meanwhile, back at the g'parents, boys were being bathed, laundry was being done.  For some reason it took the better part of the day to pack for our return home.  After stopping to complete a few quick errands, we finally arrived home around 6pm.  The oldest had missed one day of Kindergarten.  The three year old had missed 5 days of preschool (2 from being sick last week, 3 due to being displaced).  Miraculously, we returned a healthy family.  This Mama avoided the stomach bug; everyone had come through on the other side. 

Upon our return, we hurriedly completed bedtime routine.  Nothing felt routine but we made a valiant effort.  The older boys went to bed around 8pm (about an hour behind schedule).  Josiah followed in his own time.  It felt good to be home.  I was grateful for the accommodations during our time away but was definitely pleased to be home.

Thursday morning came too quickly.  The Kindergartner's project had not been completed.  Therefore, 6am found he and I sitting on the living room floor.  The rug scattered by materials that spilled from the craft box.  A cylindrical oatmeal container would make a perfect mailbox.  By 6:45am, it was complete with red construction paper and spiderman stickers.  By 7:15am, the Valentine's Day cards were made out, and signed, by the six year old himself.  We wrote out the cards for the three year old.  Somehow, during the last 45 minutes, I managed to wake Josiah and feed him (in part).  8:00am came quickly and hurried the two older boys out the door with C. 

As the older boys rushed out, D rushed in to work with Josiah.  It was Thursday...time for PT.  Josiah had an off morning.  He was pleasant, smiling at times.  He did not want to work though.  When D could get him to work without him realizing it, he was fine.  The minute he realized he had been tricked, he fussed.  Silly little boy.  He doesn't appreciate the hip helpers, at this point.  Of course, the more he complains about using them, the more he needs them.  If you don't know, hip helpers are much like spandex shorts but the legs are sewn together at the inseam.  The design prevents Josiah from performing "splits" when he goes into, and out of, the sitting position (a new trick that needs to be tempered). 
Well, the 75 minutes finally passed but not without his (somewhat) constant complaining.  Who can blame him???  I think we were all a bit had been an unusual couple of days.

The were already talking about possible snow for the weekend.  My parents were coming home this weekend also.  We would wait and watch.....

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