Thursday, October 3, 2013

31 for 21 Challenge: Day Three. Never a Burden

"This baby will make life miserable for your other two boys."  "He will be a burden."  That's what someone told us upon hearing that we were choosing to keep Josiah (and his extra 21st chromosome).  

Studies indicate that siblings of individuals who have Down syndrome demonstrate higher levels of maturity, acceptance, wisdom, and empathy, as compared to their peers.  In short, they are better people :)

From the moment we told the older boys that we were expecting Josiah, they looked forward to meeting their partner in crime.  When I told them that Josiah had Down syndrome, it was of no consequence to them.  Josiah was their brother, and they were waiting to love him.

When Josiah was born, he was immediately accepted.

Josiah is just one of the boys.  He is loved and adored.  The older boys play with him, talk to him, include him, hug him, kiss him, and share their toys with him.  With their brother, the older boys demonstrate patience, humility, and grace.

Josiah belongs here.  He belongs with us.  He's one of us.

It would only have been miserable, if we had not had the opportunity to call Josiah ours.

We are truly blessed.

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