Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Whirlwind Of A Week

This was a busy week.

Last Sunday, Josiah took his first ride on a schooner boat.  He was joined by numerous family members.  It was a beautiful day.  However, between the sun hat and life jacket, Josiah was not impressed.  It was two nice hours in the fresh air regardless.  It was a good experience for him.
"Is this hat and jacket really necessary?"

On Monday, we brought Josiah to his playgroup.  This was one of the last groups before closing for the summer.  As usual, Josiah had a great time.  He stood nicely at the lego table.  He even crawled through a tunnel a couple of times (something he's struggled with previously).  

Notice how his left ankle turns in?  That's why he needs to be seen by orthopedics.  

Monday afternoon, his EI child care worker came.  He loves K.  He had his usual good session.  Monday evening, the boys had their hair cut.  They all look a little older (and cooler for summer).

Here's Josiah playing peek-a-boo with his new haircut :)

"Peek a boo!"

Wednesday, he had his usual PT session with D.  He worked hard but made his discontent known.  He's made such strides recently but this week was full of complaints lol.  None-the-less, the continues to do well in weight bearing.  He continues to improve his skills in standing.  He'll be seen by orthopedics next week; we will find out whether or not a brace will be helpful.

As soon as D left, Josiah was changed and we were out the door.  Off to the audiology clinic.  We arrived a few minutes early and checked in.  Considering he was sound asleep in the van, his mood remained stellar.  We were called in; I provided them with updates (they hadn't seen him since the tender age of 6 weeks).  Josiah sat in a high chair for the duration of the evaluation.  The results were basically good:

Josiah can hear out of both ears.  
Hearing in the left is better than the right.  
The difference is likely caused by fluid in the ear (a typical problem for him).
Eliminating the fluid will likely cause symmetrical hearing (same in both ears).
Eliminating fluid will help with speech.
Josiah's nerves respond very well to sound, further suggesting fluid in the ear.
ENT is recommended for possible tube placement.
Developmentally, Josiah responded as they would expect any 21 month old to respond :)

It's all good news.  The tubes don't frighten me.  Our frame of reference is open heart surgery.  Therefore, I expect this to be a walk in the park, as they say.  By the close of day on Wednesday, we had an appointment scheduled with an ENT.  That will happen in September at Children's satellite location.

Friday morning, we were up and out early with the three boys.  It was time for the dentist.  For the big boys, a routine six month check up.  For Josiah, a first time visit.  They all did well.  Josiah has all of the correct teeth for a 21 month old child.  He wasn't thrilled and tried to bite a few times; he shed a few tears but did very well, overall.

Our plans for today were derailed.  We were going to an annual carnival, at a children's center.  However, with the heat index at 100+, we decided to have a stay-at-home day.  So, that's that.  That has been our week.

Tomorrow, we are getting together with family.  Monday, we go to Children's for Josiah's orthopedic appointment.  I'm anxious (not in a bad way) to hear their recommendations.


  1. Josiah is so cute! Levi got his little camo braces two weeks ago and they are so helpful. He can balance so much better and is beginning cruising along couch. He is getting good at getting them off. He loves to be bare foot. I have been putting them on for at least a hour a day.
    We also just had new tubes replaced and his adnoids removed a few weeks ago. We go back in for hearing test soon. Levi's old tubes were completely blocked and he was failing his hearing test. I can already see a difference and Im very excited to get results
    Love Jody and Levi

    1. Thanks, Jody :) Josiah was seen on Monday - they definitely think AFO's would be helpful. On Thursday (yesterday), we brought him to the orthotist. They took measurements. The braces will be ready in 2-3 weeks. Then, they will 'fit' him with them. I'm anxious to see what differences they will make :) We see ENT in early Sept - hoping they will do tubes & finally get rid of this awful fluid that is always in Josiah's ears lol. Hope Levi's hearing tests are off the charts this time :) Love to you both!