Saturday, November 9, 2013

Did You Just Call Him Chunky?

"Tell his Mama to back off on the food.  He's getting chunky."  Yes, those were the words spoken by our pediatrician yesterday.  C brought Josiah for his 2nd year well-check up.  He weighed in at 28 pounds, 7 ounces.  He's 34.5 inches tall.  The MD admitted that Josiah has defied the profile of Down syndrome.  He is neither underweight or under height.  He is a thriving little boy.  

In the beginning, there was a little boy who struggled to gain an ounce.  In the beginning, there was a little boy who ate but didn't gain.  In those days, a breastfeeding mother wondered, and prayed, when the weight would follow.  During it all was K, a stranger-become-friend - someone I have never met.  After every weight loss, every 'failure to thrive' suggestion, every 'supplement breastfeeding' recommendation - my go-to person.  She is the reason I continued to breastfeed (until nearly age 2).  I couldn't have gotten through those early days without her.

It only made sense that I called her yesterday.  We chatted for some time.  This time, we enjoyed the memories of what once was.  We revel in what has come to pass.  We remain amazed by this little man with an extra chromosome.

Now, all these months later, I chuckle at the description of Josiah being 'chunky.'  This fact had not eluded me.  I have been referring to his Buddha belly for months.  How funny those words struck me yesterday.

Yes, Josiah has a little belly.  I know when he starts walking, he'll trim down.  In the meanwhile, we continue as always.

Life is good for Josiah....all 28.7 lbs of him.

Life is perfect here :)

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  1. We JUST had this convo with our twins pediatrician! Yes, Wy is round... his typical older brother was more so just before he started walking. Comparing him to his sister isn't fair either as she has always been small and slender. Gah!
    Life is good...