Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Please Don't Be Sorry

I recently reconnected with an old acquaintance.  We spoke on the phone for the first time in ten years.  After the initial hello, she mentioned my having three boys (saw their pics on Facebook).  I told her each of their names, ages, and mentioned that Josiah has Down syndrome.  Her immediate response was "Aw.  I'm sorry."

I think it was my first, "I'm sorry."  I quickly responded, "Don't be sorry; I'm not."  I continued, "Josiah is an amazing little boy.  His only difference is he carries an extra chromosome.  I would be lost without him."

I wish people could understand their own ignorance.  I have visited many friends with new babies.  Not once have I said, "I'm sorry."  A baby is a gift from God (if that's your belief), a blessing, a treasure.  A baby is not something to be dreaded, feared, or apologized for.

I have never looked at Josiah and been sorry.  Everyday, he teaches me about love, patience, and compassion.  He has introduced us to the most amazing network of parents who share similar miracles.  Our children make us strive to be better people.  Our children are our greatest joy.

Sometimes I sit, watching them play.  I imagine what each will be like, as they grow into young men.  I wonder who will they will be as adults.  This much I know: they will be the same amazing people they are now.  As I grow, each day, with them I pray to always do best by my children - may WE make THEM proud.

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