Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We're Off; Josiah's First Trip

The alarm was set was 3:30am; I needed time for a wake up shower.  This has been in the works for a year....I mustn't oversleep.  We all got through the stomach bug last week.  Nothing can stop us now!!! 

Bed at midnight.  3:30 alarm.  Hit snooze, twice.  In shower at 3:50.  Already running late.  Awaken big boys at 4:15.  Already feeling behind.  By the time I get to Josiah's room, it's 4:30.  My sister is arriving at 4:45.

I had (basically) packed.  I still had my list of last minute items though.  The boys were great!  They were tired.  They were excited, even if they are not yet sure why.  We were out the door at 5:30am.  Traffic was light.  It was a nice ride in. 

We were checked in early, played in a great kids play space, ate breakfast, and prepared to wait.  Josiah was cranky and unwilling to eat.  As his crankiness grew, so did my fear of how I would be loathed at the end of these coming hours.  Only time would tell.

We boarded.  Josiah had his own seat, complete with the CARES belt (FAA approved) - that is an ingenious invention, I must say.  The big boys settled in to their own soft leather seats.  Our exciting adventure was about to begin.

The pilot said good morning.  Normal procedures were discussed.  The flight took off without incident.  My early fears were laid to rest as Josiah happily accepted a bag of potato chips.  The boys watched Nickelodeon, followed by "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2."  Josiah napped on my lap for the last hour or so.  I buckled him back into his seat.  The first leg of this adventure was nearing it's end.

We disembarked, walked, took a shuttle, and quickly found grandma and grandpa.  They were so very excited.  I shared this adventure with my grandparents when I was five.  Now my boys are doing the same. 

We drove, ate, swam, and relaxed.  It had been an exciting, but long, day.  The boys keep asking what it will be like.... I tell them they can't even imagine :)

Here are a few few pics from Day 1.

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