Sunday, January 19, 2014

Evaluations and Meaningless Numbers

November brought about the next EI evaluation.  Josiah's two year evaluation.  I remember last year being very excited about that very thing.  I couldn't wait to see 'the numbers' and see how great he was doing.  Sometimes, when you excitedly await something.....the end result is disappointment.  Last year, I think I wanted the numbers to prove something.  I wanted them to confirm how great my son is.  When the numbers didn't match my expectations, I was disappointed.  

This year, as the evaluation day approached, I had a different attitude.  I didn't care about the numbers.  I knew this much was true....Ten months earlier (January 2013), Josiah could roll over.  That is all.  It was a huge accomplishment for him.  He was 15 months old and could roll over like no-one's business.  I couldn't believe how far he had come in 10 short months.

He had become a sitting expert.  He became a crawling expert.  He began pulling himself up....then became an expert at that.  He starting standing in the middle of the room - pulling to stand without support.  Then, he mastered that.  He began walking with his toy walker....then became a semi-expert.  As the evaluation day approached, numbers were not important.  My son had accomplished amazing things in ten months.  I could not be more proud.

For those wondering about numbers, he performed highest in "social."  Yes, Josiah is a social little boy.  He loves people.  He loves to play and interact.  Yes, socially, he almost doesn't qualify for services.  In most other categories, he performs at a lower level than most children his age.  In almost every instance, low muscle tone can be blamed.

We went from rolling over to the cusp of walking.  These have been ten great months.

Life is good.

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