Sunday, July 1, 2012

Early Intervention Summary

Josiah continues to make huge strides with Early Intervention.

D (physical therapy) continues to work with Josiah on a weekly basis; he loves that he is serenaded by her every week lol.  He is making huge strides.  Josiah is able to control his own head now.  When holding/carrying him, holding his head is no longer a priority.  He controls his head amazingly well while being held (supported) in a sitting position.  D even rocks him while sitting, and he is still able to control his head beautifully.  When on his tummy, he lifts his head like nobody's business, and turns it side to side :)  He continues to complain when it comes to sidelying, although today he did so without a single complaint.  His stamina has grown by leaps and bounds.  It's amazing to see.  During this morning's session, D worked him hard for over an hour; He was exhausted but still ready to tackle anything.

C (occupational therapy) has just begun seeing Josiah on a bi-weekly basis.  He's eating more baby food now.  I cannot get over how well he is doing.  Considering his high pallette - I thought he might have difficulties; Once again, we stand corrected :)  C recently observed an eating session.  She was amazed how well Josiah closes his mouth around the spoon, 'chews' his food, swallows, and doesn't allow his tongue to hang out of his mouth. 

K (child specialist) continues to come weekly, as well.  Josiah loves her :)  She takes everything that the above specialists are working on, and does them all!  It's incredible. 

This week, 2 out of his 3 'girlfriends' are on it will be a mellow week.

Lots of exciting things going on :)

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