Monday, July 30, 2012

Weighting with Bated Breath

You might think I'm lacking in sleep if you noticed the title of this post, "Weighting" with Bated Breath.  Nope!  I'm not sleep deprived.  It was a pretty cute pun though, huh?  I AM waiting with bated breath - for Josiah's next pediatrician's appointment.  I want an official weight check.

Yes!  You heard me correctly.  I WANT a weight check and, for once, I'm excited for what I know will knock their socks off!!! 

The weight battle has been, seemingly, a never ending one.  At the last visit, he was 4 days shy of 8 months.  He weighed 13lbs 2oz.  He seemed to average 1/2 lb weight gain per month.  June 8th = 13lbs 2oz.  The MD was pleased, to say the least.  None-the-less, since then, I have avoided weighing him at home.....I don't like how obsessed I get.  So, ignorance is bliss! lol.  I stopped checking numbers. 

Last week, C (the occupational therapist) was here.  She remarked that Josiah seemed to be thriving.  This was similar to conversations I recently had with his child care specialist and physical therapist.  However, I had no numbers to go by....I just wouldn't do it. 

Well, finally, curiosity got the best of this Mama.  Three days ago, immediately after changing his diaper, I decided to get a "guesstimate" of his weight.  I double-checked.  I triple-checked.  Holy cow!  16lbs 10oz (give or take a little). 

That means that in approximately 7 weeks, Josiah has gained a whopping 3+ lbs!!!! 

I'm calling the pediatrician's office tomorrow.  I'm going to try to get him a weight-check appointment for Wednesday!  I want this on record :)

Josiah will be 9 months old in about 2 weeks.  Just for fun, I checked the 'blue books' of my other two boys for a comparison.  My first, weighed approximately 20lbs at 9 months.  My second, approximately 17lbs.  Hmmm......  I can't help it - I'm chuckling.  This is too funny!

I'll be back soon with the 'official' results.

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