Saturday, February 15, 2014

Back Into the Swing of Things

I'll chalk last weekend up to a complete loss.  C and I felt like we were in coma's for much of the weekend.  Monday approached like wild fire.  I was glad J1's teacher had sent work along for him to complete while on vacation.  Although he had completed everything, our vacation extension meant he had missed several extra days of work.  I knew he was going to have to catch up quickly.  J2 is in preschool, thus no homework.  He was, however, going to have to jump right back into full swing.  Josiah hadn't had therapy in three weeks (2 weeks in Florida, and sick the week prior to leaving).  Monday was going to be a test.

After getting J1 and J2 off to school on Monday, we headed to play group with Josiah.  It was like we had never left.  Over the weekend, we noticed that Josiah seemed more independent.  He seemed to be exploring more.  In Florida, the tile floors made exploration difficult.  We thought maybe he was just happy to be in environments conducive for small children.  Here, in play group, he was definitely acting more independent.  He was crawling up (and down) the stairs to the climbing structure.  He was suddenly taking more risks (but not dangerous ones).  Little man....

Monday afternoon brought out the EI worker (whom Josiah hadn't seen in weeks).  She was accompanied by her supervisor and Josiah's PT (an occasional co-treat is not uncommon).  Well, that didn't go so well.  For the next 60 minutes (or so), Josiah cried like nobody's business.  He didn't want to stand.  He didn't want to walk with the walker.  He simply cried.  He sobbed.  Yes, it was not his finest hour.

Tuesday morning, he returned to Speech & OT (after his three week hiatus).  What a difference a day makes.  He stunned the speech therapist.  He made more sounds than ever.  He signed more, all done, yes, and no.  The speech therapist was elated (he is usually quite stubborn with her).  OT was just as successful.  He used the same signs with her.  He even said "bye-bye."  OMG!  This kid is amazing!!!  Thursday's sessions were about the same. Josiah is vocalizing more sounds.  More exciting than that (for me), he is finally using some signs.  

After feeling like we were never going to be able to wean him off baby food, we have finally accomplished the impossible (or so it seemed).  We have gone the better part of the week without baby food.  Josiah has happily eaten pork chops, rice, pot roast, potatoes, mac & cheese, tuna fish, chicken alfredo, onion rings, bread, and beef stew.  His first week without baby food!!!!  Yay Josiah!!!!

I feel like Josiah has turned a huge corner this week.  He is vocalizing more.  He is FINALLY signing (even if just a few words).  He's imitating a LOT!!!  He's more engaged in active play.  And, he's eating big people food.  He never ceases to amaze me.

I love my life <3.


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