Saturday, February 1, 2014

Disney Day Four

I don't suppose it would come as a big surprise to say we woke to rain on Friday.  Sadder yet was the forecast predicting no let-up before Saturday.  This didn't help my obsessive thoughts (which had begun on Wednesday).  We were leaving Monday and didn't have enough time.

So, I did something I have never done before.  I figured out the logistics, went about gathering detailed information, then implemented my action plan:

Confirm our ride home from airport can accommodate a change, check! 

Change flight home, check!

Email elementary school to inform them of 1st grader's extended vacation.

Call preschool to inform them of 4-year old's extended vacation.

Cancel Josiah's PT with EI.

Cancel Josiah's OT & Speech through rehab.

Cancel karate for extra week.

Extend house-sitter.

Extend baby rental gear, check! Mama is happy lol.

With that resolved, we proceeded to plan our day.  We enjoyed lunch at home & the boys played in the pool, in the rain.  I found a place called Wonderworks; they were open until Midnight.  We would head there.

Mom & Dad stayed home.  We headed out.  Wonderworks looked very cool.  I looked forward to seeing it.  The legend goes something like this:

Wonderworks began as a top secret laboratory in the Bahamas.  Scientists were involved with many projects, one of which was capturing high speed winds.  Something went horribly wrong!  High winds enveloped the building, picking it up off the ground, and catapulting it through the air like a tornado.  It eventually landed upside-down, on a red brick building, in the city of Orlando, Fl.

That is where it sits today.  The experiments remained intact but are upside-down (just like the building).  Upon entry, guests pass through an inversion tunnel in order to defy gravity & enjoy the 3 floors of hands on exhibits.

In the end, I wasn't overly impressed.  However, seeing the building was great; time with family never wasted.  Mama no longer feels like we're running out of time.

The building IS pretty cool, isn't it?

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