Sunday, February 9, 2014

Disney Day Eight

Tuesday was another beautiful day.  We were excited about going to Epcot.  I couldn't wait to stand with my Dad, and watch the Illuminations fireworks/laser lights show at 9pm.

Unfortunately, Dad had overdone it the day before.  His foot was sore.  He made the difficult decision to stay home.  He hoped to join us for the Magic Kingdom, on Wednesday.

We were out the door by would be a late night.  We were prepared, and excited! 

Epcot was as I remembered it.  We started out in the Epcot ball.... the adventure into space.  From there, we headed to the Dinosaur ride.  I wasn't concerned about the many reminders that "This will be a 37 minute ride, so if you feel like it may be too much for any member of your party, please exit now."  Piece of I thought.

About 7 minutes into the ride, Josiah had begun to fuss.  The bag of Nilla wafers would have helped.....but I had mistakingly left them in the bottom of the stroller, outside.  Pat-a-cake and hugs weren't working.  We were about 15 minutes into this dark ride; Josiah was now screaming.  He had crocodile tears!

C was frantically pawing through the diaper bag looking for any hidden treats.  Josiah took one sip of his water, then promptly threw it.  The Dorito was even less of a hit.  As I frantically tried to quiet Josiah, I looked around at Epcot's guests wondering how badly we'd be hated when the ride ended.....another 20 (or so) minutes away.

I'll tell you....when your child is screaming & disrupting other people (at a very expensive location), and you can neither exit nor stop them, tension starts to rise.

Due to a plastic spoon & a jar of baby food, I was able to feed Josiah (in the dark).  Though I missed most of the sights and sounds, I knew the glares would be minimal, at the end!  Lol.  I was never so grateful for a ride to end...

We went to lunch hoping to put Josiah in a 'good place'.  It was 3pm and Illuminations was 6 hours was the thing I looked forward to the most.  Josiah went into complete melt-down mode, during lunch.  I couldn't eat....too stressed out.  It was 4pm.  I announced, "It's time to go.  I can't deal with this!"

I was sad.  We made our way out of the "World Showcase."  We had eaten lunch in the USA so we were at the furthest point from the exit.  As we were crossing from the World Showcase into the 'front' part of the park, a kiosk caught the eye of our 7 year old.  Josiah was quiet (finally) so we agreed to stop.

The two older boys were given a play cell phone & asked to help save the world.  They were promoted to "secret agent" status and agreed to complete their assignment.  Josiah was still quiet and I remained cautiously optimistic about seeing the later show.  So.....we headed back into the World Showcase.

The boys had a great time traveling to the different countries, completing tasks (dictated by cell phone) along the way.  They had a blast!!!  We were so glad things had taken a turn for the better.

By 8pm, we staked out a good viewing location.  We hit the gift shop & returned the cell phone.  The big boys passed time playing with a third child.

At 9pm, Illuminations began.  It was everything I remembered & everything I hoped it would be.  Josiah was being an angel.  I was watching the show I had been anxious to see.  Yes, I was blessed.

By 9:30, we were heading for the car.  It had been a long day.  Everyone was tired but happy :)

Here are a few pics....

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