Saturday, February 1, 2014

Disney Day Three

Thursday was a lazy day at Disney.  We awoke to cold rain.  It was mid-50's with no indication of sunshine.  I was already yearning to stay longer :)  With Dad's injured foot, and inclement weather, it was going to be a chill out kind of day.

Josiah caught up on some much needed sleep.  The boys played in the pool.  Everyone enjoyed extra relaxation.  We nibbled for much of the day.

In the late afternoon hours, we get ready and headed for Downtown Disney.  Our destination: Rainforest Cafe (and perhaps, a little shopping lol).

When we arrived, Dad sat in the van while we shopped in a Disney store.  Then, off to the Rainforest.  Given the 70 minute wait time provided for the family ahead of us, we were delighted to be seated immediately..... it must have been the party of 7 that was to our benefit.  As always, the food was excellent!  The company, unrivaled.

We couldn't leave Downtown Disney without stopping by the LEGO store.  There were a lot of expensive choices thus we were ecstatic when the boys picked LEGO keychains.

We were quickly in the van and headed home.  The boys enjoyed another dip in the pool, then bedtime commenced.  Oh, Monday was coming to quickly....we haven't done enough yet.

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