Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Getting services in place

We arrived home on Friday 10/14/11. 

We had done our homework and wanted to waste no time.  We had read the benefits of putting services into place quickly....we want to give our child every opportunity to reach his full potential.

Friday afternoon, I was on the phone with the insurance company (getting him set-up with medical insurance) & I called Early Intervention (whom I had spoken with prior to his birth).

Monday, was a repeat of the above phone calls...

By Wednesday (exactly one week after birth), we had insurance set-up & an intake scheduled with Early Intervention. 

By Friday (9 days old), we were on the phone with the Down Syndrome Clinic - setting up his first clinic appointment.

November is a busy month....Josiah will begin receiving Early Intervention services.  He'll have a specialized hearing test (as he failed his newborn hearing screening), we will schedule his "new baby visit" to the DS clinic, and he'll have weekly "weight checks" with the pedicatrician (as DS babies are slow weight gainers, as we have already learned).....

Meanwhile, he's just like every other baby.  He loves to be held.  He eats & sleeps well.  He's a happy little boy.

We are so blessed to have him in our lives <3

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