Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A great EI Assessment

Early Intervention came out today to do their "Assessment" of Josiah.  The 'assessment' is really a formality, as the Down Syndrome automatically qualifies him for services.

The five-member team arrived.  Josiah was such a good boy and remained engaged (as much as an almost-six-week-old can be) with the process.  They remarked how relaxed he was.  They remarked how social he was (making eye contact, etc).  The performed various tests with him, testing social skills, gross motor skills, vision, hearing, etc).  The assessment lasted approximately one hour.

Then came the scoring.  Based on scores alone, Josiah doesn't qualify for services.  They say he shows no delays as this time (which, according to them, many DS kids already show signs of delay at 5 weeks).  Despite the great scores, Josiah will have EI services until his third birthday.  It's nice to know he has a team of people ready to help him reach his full potential.  We expect nothing less than that for all our children <3 

From the day we received the diagnosis, Carl & I believed in our hearts that Josiah would be very much like our two older boys.  Today confirms it.  Josiah is a six week old baby.  He loves to be held.  He loves to be cuddled.  He is a social little butterfly that loves people.  He is a smart boy.  We've known that from the beginning.  He is so much like our other boys.  We are truly blessed.

Another great day :)

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