Saturday, November 5, 2011

Josiah meets the family

Before we had left the hospital, Josiah had met his brothers (Jesse & James), his maternal grandparents (Mimi & Bah), and his aunts (Angel, Dee, and Chris).

Over the next few days, Josiah was introduced to his paternal grandmother (Nana), his uncle Tom & Auntie Anne.

A week later, he met his Uncle Jeff & cousin Cathy.

Josiah has been accepted by everyone!  Any previous reservations were gone :)

Josiah is part of our family & he is loved <3

My sister-in-law, Chris, who is "quite smitten with him" stated this:  "I think he (Josiah) is going to be the spice of our family."

We think Josiah is just what/who our family needs.


  1. He is going to open up a whole new world we never knew existed :)

  2. He's going to show you a new way of looking at life.. That's something so special.