Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We spent Thanksgiving at my parents house.  It was Josiah's first Thanksgiving :)  All three kids were great.  We had a fantastic day.

I was a little sad this year, thinking of my brother Scott.  Scott died in September of an apparent drug overdose (accidental).  Despite how crazy he made all of us, he was missed this year.

Two years ago, he spent Thanksgiving at our house & helped Carl cook the turkey on the Weber Grille outside.  A picture was taken of the two of them, standing by the grille (and the turkey looked soooo good lol).  I love that picture.  Scott was sober that day (a rarity, as he had come from a treatment facility).  He looked good.  I will forever remember him as he looked that day.  I'm so glad we named Josiah, in part, after him.  He needed a positive legacy, and Josiah is it :)

The first holidays, after losing someone, are always hard.  I'm particularly sorry that he will never meet this amazing little boy of ours.  He would have loved Josiah very much.

Here's to good memories of Scott.

Here's to a lifetime of amazement with Josiah and his two brothers :)

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