Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The hearing hurdle

So....Josiah failed his newborn hearing screening (in both ears).  They scheduled a follow-up test for today.

We left early this a.m. for Josiah's "Auditory Brainstem Response Exam."  Luckily, we were able to go to a local audiology clinic & save the trip to Boston.  The directions for the test were funny:

Don't let your child get a good night sleep.
Wake your child early in the a.m.
Don't feed your child within two hours of the test.
Don't allow your child to fall asleep in the car on the way to the test.
"We want your child to arrive awake, hungry, and tired."

(all the things a parent of a newborn hopes to be told LOL).

Well, we followed the instructions & arrived right on time.  They prepared him for the test.  I was allowed to feed him & he promptly fell asleep.  We were told to come back in 90 minutes, which we did :)

When we arrived back, we noticed the audiologist pacing the hallway with Josiah.  I thought, "Oh boy, this didn't go well."  Much to my delight....Josiah had been a perfect angel.  He slept throughout the duration of the test (a requirement of the test).  They were able to complete the comprehensive hearing test.  I nursed him while they explained the results.

Bottom line:  Josiah passed with flying colors.

When tested at the quietest level (20db), it took a couple of milliseconds longer for the sound to reach it's destination.  At 25db, the brainstem response was "discernible" (reached it's destination at a normal rate).  The slower response to the 20db could be explained by the fact that Josiah's ear canals, etc are TINY (very common with DS kids).  He has no fluid in his ears (just a little congestion in one ear).  He has no infections.  His hearing is not a concern.  This is GREAT news :)

Although he will be more at-risk for ear infections (another common trait in DS), his hearing is fine.

It's a great day.

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