Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Feeding and Tongue Thrusting (not what I thought)

So, apparently, tongue thrust is simply a protruding tongue and open mouth posture.  I was mistaken in the belief that it was a tendency to push the food out of ones mouth (which is common for all babies).  With that being said, I'm not sure if Josiah has this issue or not.  He certainly doesn't have it to the same degree as some I've seen.

None-the-less, I had read about a technique (for feeding) which teaches a young child to keep their tongue in their mouth.  If you watched the video in yesterday's post, you'll see that I used it there.  The technique is simple.  You feed your child holding the spoon sideways to their mouth.  You allow them to retrieve the food from the spoon that way.  You turn the spoon 180 degrees, 3x, until the food is gone.  This teaches the baby to keep their tongue in their mouth while eating.  In the video, it is demonstrated (and seems to work quite well).

The following page shows great pics, demonstrating the technique.  It was the source I used & is very helpful:

Today, Josiah will meet with the feeding specialist.  We will have a feeding session so that she may observe him eating.  I'm curious to see hear her thoughts.

I'll update you later :)

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