Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Great Session to End the Week

K (EI child specialist) came out to work with Josiah on Friday.  He was very happy to see her.  She and I discussed Josiah's recent sessions with C (the feeding specialist) and D (the PT).  We are both delighted with his progress, as is this great team!

Even though Josiah had rolled for C, and again for D, that wasn't enough (for him).  While working with K, Josiah decided to keep rolling over.  First, from back to tummy.  Then from tummy to back.  First rolling right.  Then rolling left.  He was non-stop for over an hour.  It was hysterical!!! 

In between rolls, K was able to get him to focus on a few other tasks :)

Here, Josiah has agreed to sit with K. He doesn't seem particularly impressed as he's been taken away from his rolling fun lol.  However, he willingly reaches for the colorful block and sucks on his thumb.

Next, he sits for K (with her support).  The flash has annoyed him & he is still being kept from his new found activity.  None-the-less, he gains more strength every time he practices his sitting.

Towards the end of the session, he tires.  Here, he has found his thumb (again), a restful position, and a very cute boy in the mirror.  "Hi Me :)"

We remain in awe at how far this little miracle has come, in such a short time.  A mere 75 minutes after the session started, it ends.  Josiah is time for time for moving to the crib.....

"I think I'll just sleep here."

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