Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Feeding Session

Josiah met with C (feeding specialist) today.  He was pleased to see her as evidenced by his smiles :).   Though it had only been one month, C seemed to be impressed with how well he is doing.

We quickly got to work.....eating.  I offered Josiah a bowl of rice cereal.  He did an amazing job!!!!  C couldn't believe how well he did.  Josiah does present with open mouth posture, but there is no protruding tongue or tongue thrusting (which is usually a problem with DS children).  Josiah was able to quickly take food off the spoon, utilized his tongue appropriately, and swallow without incident.  He demonstrated this repeatedly until all food had been consumed lol.  Then, he was mad.  He was happy to drink the remainder of the bottle to wash down his brunch.

Josiah burped well (lol) and was ready to play with C.  He laid on the mat ready for action.  When C asked if he was rolling yet, he immediately rolled over for her (we both just looked at him).  Today, for the very first time, Josiah rolled from belly to back (a deliberate roll, as opposed to an accidental roll).  He reached for, and grasped, toys that were offered to him.  During belly time, he reached his arms out.  He lifted his head high off the floor.  He turned his head in both directions.  Here he is working hard:

Sometimes I watch in awe; today was one of those days.

As a side note: C & I were talking about the weight gain battle.  Given that Josiah's at the 10th percentile for weight & 50th percentile for length, C & I are thinking that I shouldn't get so anxious about this issue.  I was commenting to C that I had bought a scale for Josiah, but found myself too anxious every time I weighed him.  C said, "let's weigh him."  The scale got dusted off (hahaha) and we placed him on it.  Today's weight: 12lbs 6.5oz; he had on a dry diaper and onesie.  3 weeks ago (April 17th), he weighed 11lbs 6.5oz.  I was pleased.  We are so very blessed <3.

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