Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stone Soup 051912

James woke up Monday morning with little red bumps around his lips.  Last Friday, he had exhibited a brief fever (only 99/100).  Over the weekend, he had seemed "off" at times, but I thought nothing of it.  That is, until I saw the bumps.  Off to the MD before visiting Nana for the day.  "Probable' Coxsackie Disease - what a name!  Apparently, it's very common with young kids.  Of all the weird things, it's actually a respiratory infection.  So, "keep him away from Josiah as best you can."  These were the words to live by for a few days.  We skipped both play groups this week, just to keep his germs away from others.  Whatever it was, it seems to be gone.  Coxsackie is "extremely contagious" and no one else has caught it.  So, I'm not convinced of the diagnosis.  None-the-less, we are happy that he is ok.

Jesse, too, had an exciting week....full of milestones.  He officially graduated from preschool.  We all went to celebrate his accomplishment.  He was very proud, as were we :)  Today, we dropped him off at a friend's house.  It was his first birthday party/sleepover.  He was delighted and couldn't wait to leave the house.  By 9:30am, he was asking "Is it time to go yet?"  1:00pm couldn't come fast enough.  It's 11pm now and, by all accounts, he's doing well at his friend's house.  We cannot believe what a big boy he has become.  This summer, he attends kids college.  Then, it's off to Kindergarten <3

It's been a nice week & we still have one more weekend day to enjoy :)

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