Friday, May 25, 2012

EI Assessment 052412

Yesterday was Josiah's much-anticipated 6-month EI (early intervention) assessment/review.  K (childcare specialist) and I have been excited about today, expecting to see great improvement.  After all, we thought, he had so many obstacles in his first few months.  He had multiple VSD's and ASD's (that we didn't know about, at the time).  In Dec, he had RSV (a blessing after all - without it, they wouldn't have found the holes in his heart so quickly).  At the end of January, he had open heart surgery; Then, he had a six week recovery period.  So, really, he's only been ABLE to make improvements since early-March.

Josiah was up early, fed, changed, and ready to greet his 'girlfriends' upon their arrival at 8am :).  The mat was ready to go; Josiah was ready to play.  This was an unusual session and Josiah sensed that.  I think he was a bit disappointed, at first.  D (physical therapist) always greets Josiah with songs....that was not true yesterday.  Josiah missed it, I could tell lol. 

Josiah was engaging with both K & D.  K performed most of the 'tests', while D observed (and recorded) the results.  Josiah did well at rolling over, grasping toys, even reaching for toys (at times).  He wasn't impressed with tasks requiring him to tap, look at items, etc.  He was very vocal with his 'girls'.  He's a social little guy :)

Josiah did very well yesterday!  The 'results' indicate the "functional" age of the child (at what age the child is currently functioning at).  Here is the score summary (when I get the detailed report, I will post the specifics):

  • Gross Motor: 4 months (not surprising - this involves trunk, head, neck control, etc.  I'm tickled that he didn't score lower :)

  • Fine Motor: 5 months

  • Social/Emotional: 5 months

  • Receptive Language/Communication: 5 months

  • Self Care/Adaptive: 5 months

  • Expressive Language/Communication: 6 months

  • Cognition: 6 months

We are thrilled that he has made such great improvements in such a short period of time.  This little guy is amazing!!!!

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