Sunday, May 12, 2013

18-Month Visit and Other Stuff.

We brought Josiah to playgroup on Monday, as scheduled.  I think it was the best session yet.  He tried to kiss a few of the pretty girls (his standard protocol).  He cooperated with Miss J (the PT who runs the group).  He was not without complaint - but he cooperated none-the-less.  K came in the afternoon and had a great session with him.

Josiah's speech therapist cancelled their biweekly session on Tuesday a.m. due to a stomach virus.  We were thankful she chose not to share that with us.  It worked out well, as Josiah was able to sleep in (which he loves to do).  We woken him by 9, had him fed, and headed out for his (much anticipated) 18 month check up.

We arrived at the pediatrician's office and were ushered immediately into a room.  The MD arrived and was met with big smiles.  Ears were the first order of business.  Both ears - clear!  Yes!!!  Josiah was very cooperative with the usual pokes and prods.  He was weighed.  23 pounds, 8 ounces.  He was measured.  32" tall.  The MD remarked as to just how well he was doing was a "Down's baby."  I remarked, "For ANY baby, he's doing well."  Please understand, we ADORE this MD & he is amazing with our kids.  I still feel the need to correct certain statements :)

Unfortunately, car problems forced us to cancel the audiology appointment for Wednesday.  With those problems now resolved, I will attempt to get him an appointment for this week or next.  Our PT, whom we had cancelled, miraculously appeared on our doorstep at her scheduled time.  I'm telling you, things really do work out just the way they are supposed to.  Josiah was tired - we had woken him early in anticipation of going to the morning appointment.  He was tired.  The session was shorter than usual.  It was a good session regardless.

Thursday, we took a much needed break.  We never made it to the afternoon playgroup because Josiah fell asleep.  It all worked out fine.  We were exhausted and this gave us a little extra time at home.

Friday was a nice day with Josiah (the big boys were at school).  The afternoon found us running errands, returning borrowed vehicles, picking up flower orders, and even a quick visit to the grandparents house. 

Saturday, our 3 yr old headed to his grandparents for a solo sleepover.  The 6 yr old gained much-needed solo time with Mom & Dad.

It's been a busy week.  A few more blinks and it will be over....

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