Saturday, May 4, 2013

Just Another Ear Infection

A few times last weekend, I questioned the possibility that Josiah's ears were bothering him.  His mood remained so happy that it was hard to fathom, but certainly possible (we've seen it before).  I've read the some children with Down syndrome don't experience pain in the same way as other children.  I'm wondering if that is true....

Monday morning, we decided to forgo early intervention's playgroup, favoring a trip to the pediatrician.  Unfortunately, they could not see Josiah for his (now overdue) 18 month check up; They could, however, schedule him for a sick visit.  We graciously accepted. 

We arrived about 20 minutes early for our appointment and ushered, fairly quickly, into a room.  After a brief wait, Dr. W arrived.  Josiah was his usual happy self, greeting Dr. W with a smile.  Josiah's congestion from this recent cold was obvious but not concerning.  I explained that I questioned an ear infection.  Within moments it was confirmed - Josiah has a double ear infection.  He never fussed....

While we were there, I asked them to weigh Josiah (because this Mama's curiosity had gotten the better of her).  They did.  With only a diaper on, he weighed in at 23 pounds, 3 ounces.  Holy moly, my little Italian boy. 

We went to the MD for just another ear infection.  We headed home with two ear infections and two medications.  However, we have one very healthy, normal, 23.3 lb, happy little boy....I'll take it!

My Dad and I talked, a few times, about creating a chart.  In essence, to compare the weight/age of the 3 boys.  Dad - I finally did just that!!!  On the X axis, weight is listed.  On the y axis, age is listed.

As of 15 months, Josiah surpasses one of his brothers :)  Yes, this Mama is doing a happy dance!

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