Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cardiology Follow Up

Josiah had open heart surgery on January 25th, 2012.  He was 3 months old. 

The brilliant surgeon closed 7 small holes (vsd's) & 1 very large hole (asd) in his heart.  He was suffering from pulmonary hypertension (half of Josiah's heart was much larger than the other half - caused from Josiah's heart beating "twice as hard" to keep the pressure 'normal') that could prove fatal if not addressed.  After surgery we were assured that the holes were closed, Josiah would recover, and the hypertension would likely resolve.

Josiah had a follow up with the cardiologist approximately 12 weeks after surgery.  The MD said "You would never know this child had had congenital heart disease."  It was suggested that we follow up at one year.

Well, we missed on the one year mark.  We did, however, prepare early Friday morning and headed for the long-overdue follow up with the cardiologist.  We arrived at 9:15, five minutes early.

Josiah received his normal EKG, without regard or incident.  He was weighed and measured.  The MD came in and immediately remarked as to how much Josiah has grown (I assumed, and hoped, that was a good thing).  Dr. P listened to Josiah's heart and asked if we thought he would tolerate a few pics (ie, an echo-cardiogram).  I said, "Sure."

As I dressed Josiah to wait for the technician to be available, I asked "are you worried about something?"  To my delight he replied, "No.  We haven't gotten pictures since right after the surgery.  This is just routine."  We went to the waiting room.  This Mama held onto her usual level of optimism (and hope that news would not be unexpected).

After what seemed like a long wait, we were finally called into the tech room.  I layed on the bed with Josiah trying to keep him distracted from the leads and jelly that covered his chest.  Amazingly, we were done about 20 minutes later.  We headed into the room to await the MD's return.

After a relatively short wait, the Dr. P returned.  Smiling, he announced "Josiah's heart looks perfect.  I don't need to see him for another couple of years."  Ahhh!!!  Music to this Mama's soul <3. 

As promised, the holes are closed; Josiah has recovered; The pulmonary hypertension is resolved.  My miracle boy has a perfect heart.

Thank you, God!

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