Monday, May 6, 2013

Another Busy Week

It's always hard to believe that it's Monday again.  It seems a struggle to get to Friday then, without warning, it's Monday.  Just like last week, we have another busy week planned.

This morning, I was up early making orange playdough.  It's a funny thing to be doing at 6:15 am, but I pooped out last night before making the 6th batch of playdough for my son's (the 3 yr old) school. 

Once I'm ready for the day, we will wake up sleeping sunshine (otherwise known as Josiah).  We have early intervention (EI) playgroup later this morning.  After the one hour group, we're off to do a couple of quick errands.  Then, Josiah has his favorite EI worker, K, coming to see him.

Tomorrow, Josiah has speech early in the a.m.  After he's nice and tired from speech, we'll load him into the van and take him to the MD's office for 18 month well visit.  Of course, they'll check the status of his ears at the same time.  Today is day 8 of the medicine, so hopefully his ears are better.

Wednesday morning, we'll be at the Audiology clinic for a hearing screening.  The last few at the Children's Hospital have been inconclusive, so we will return to the 'other' place - where we brought him at 1 month.  They had great luck with him :)   Sadly, we had to cancel PT this week, but she'll see him next week.

Thursday, our playgroup has been moved to the afternoon - works out well for us this week as C has an a.m. appt.

As of 5pm on Thursday, I'm not sure of our schedule....lots of possibilities....having made a final decision yet.  I do know that Friday is appointment-free, at least for Josiah.  Hmm.....what to do

Have a great week everyone :)

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