Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Great EI PT Visit & Synagis Shot

Josiah had his monthly EI PT visit on Thursday morning.  He had been changed, fed, and was ready for action.  D arrived as scheduled and Josiah seemed pleased to see her.  He was very content to be placed on his activity mat.  D received lots of smiles.  Josiah was happy to show off his new tricks.  Almost as if on cue, Josiah raised his hands in the air, grasped rings with his hands (and held on tight).  He was content to be rocked from side to side.  He demonstrated how easily he can raise both legs in the air and bring his knees to his tummy.  Then came belly time.  For a short time, he seemed amused.  He watched a toy, even reaching for it numerous times.  With assistance, he grasped the toy and held it tightly between two fingers.  He still has very low muscle tone in his neck, which seems to frustrate him.  After about 10 minutes on his belly, he decided to had had enough.  It took Mom (me) to console him, then he nursed and fell sound asleep (snoring lol).

D seemed pleased with his progress since her last visit.  We are too.

Friday morning, Josiah had his next scheduled Synagis shot.  He weighed in at 9lbs 3oz.  I was a little disappointed as he only gained 3oz in 10 days.  However, the cardiologist warned that the weight gain would not be instantaneous.  He assured us it will happen.  The pediatrician wants us to supplement with bottles.  We do try from time to time but Josiah hates bottles.  We'll keep up the effort.  Here's hoping to a better weight gain next time.

This morning (Saturday), James woke with a fever (101.5) and an unmistakable cold.  Jesse has had 'sniffles' for about two weeks.  Jesse, too, woke with a slight fever (100).  They both responded well to Tylenol.  James took his usual nap but unfortunately woke with a higher fever (102.5).  Jesse's was still 100.  Two more doses of Tylenol seems to have cured Jesse.  James went to bed with a fever of 101.  I'm suspicious that James could have an ear infection.  I'm just wondering if the trip to the pediatrician will be on Sunday morning, or if it will wait until Monday.  I'll see how James is in the morning.  Family is coming over tomorrow (Sunday) so I'm hoping they will sleep well tonight and awake without fever.

Beyond that, we celebrated my brother's birthday and Carl's birthday this week.  And, my friend has been visiting from Ireland.  Her little boy is suspected to have autism.  My heart truly goes out to her.

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