Monday, February 13, 2012

A Great EI Visit

Josiah met with EI today.  His regular worker came out with our new EI RN.  Josiah responded well and transitioned nicely.  He tolerated positioning and his new friend (RN) nicely.  He smiled for his old friend :)  His strength and determination is becoming quite evident.  He seemed to want to show off his new skills for his friends.

While laying on his back, Josiah showed how nicely he can raise his arms into the air now.  He even brought both hands together over his chest.  He grasped a small ring and brought it up to the side of his head.  He examined it carefully with his eyes.  We thought he might bring the ring to his mouth, but it didn't happen.  I expect that will happen soon.

Josiah tolerated lying on his right side very well.  He grasped his hands together and showed how nicely he could roll from his side to his back, without assistance.  The DS developmental chart states 5 months as the typical age for this he's 1 month ahead.  That's great :)

For the first time since surgery, Josiah had some belly time.  He tolerated it well.  He didn't seem to make any effort to raise his head, but he hasn't had belly time for almost 3 weeks.  We have to limit belly time because of his sternum (ie breastbone) which was broken for his open-heart surgery.  We've been told his sternum will heal completely within 6 weeks of surgery; we are almost half-way there.  In the meanwhile, we have started with 5 minutes of belly time and can expand the time in small increments - as tolerated. 

Next week, EI PT returns for a visit.  I think she will be impressed with how far he's come since her last visit.  I'm excited for that visit.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I am excited to spend it with my four boys (hubby included :)  Every day is a new adventure and every minute a blessing <3

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