Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hello bed :)

When we brought Josiah home from the hospital, we put him in his own crib on the very first night.  He only lasted there about an hour.  Being a newborn, he was up and down a lot that night.  Not wanting to keep Carl up all night, I slept on the upstairs couch; Josiah slept in the portable crib in the living room (next to me).  Those sleeping arrangements continued.  First, I didn't want Carl's sleep to be interrupted (as he had just recently had major surgery).  Second, I feared I would sleep too soundly in my own bed and not hear Josiah if he woke.  Lastly, I knew I could remain more alert during nighttime feedings if I were upstairs.  We had every intention of moving him back to his crib within a reasonable timeframe. 

In December, when he became sick with bronchiolitis, we obtained a moderate sized humidifier.  It was perfect for the living room; it wasn't very portable.  I wanted to sleep nearby, just in case Josiah needed me.  So, the sleeping room arrangements continued.  Then, in January, we faced open-heart surgery.  I was more concerned with Josiah (and his heart) nothing changed.  After surgery, the same justifications continued. 

Yesterday, I decided it was time to make the changeover.  Today marks the four week anniversary of Josiah's open-heart surgery.  He is breathing easy.  He is eating well.  He seems to be thriving.  During the day, yesterday, I put Josiah in his crib for a nap.  He successfully slept there for almost one hour.  Last night, I waited until after the last feeding.  He fell asleep in my arms and I carried him to his own room.  He slept in his crib from 1:30am until 6:50am.  For the first time since his birth, I had a full night sleep in my own bed.  It was great to sleep in my own bed.  It was great to sleep with my husband by my side.  It's another simple pleasure in life so often taken for granted.

Today, I am grateful for the little things in life :)

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