Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Peaceful Few Days

It's been nice enjoying the last few days at home with our beautiful boys.  It's been quiet and drama free (at last :).

Yesterday, the EI worker came back out to work with Josiah.  She's limited as to what she can work on due to Josiah's recent surgery.  However, she has noted his legs are gaining strength.  He is grasping objects and lifting his arms into the arm (from elbow to fingertips).  He's lifting both legs off the ground and pointing them toward the ceiling.  These are all things he wasn't doing before.  Next week, the EI RN will be coming out to meet him.  Later in the month, EI PT returns.

When the EI worker was here a week ago, we were discussing developmental milestones as they relate to Down Syndrome.  Neither of us were happy with the general milestone chart that we had.  So, I went on a quick Internet quest and located one that is delightful!!!!  This gives a comprehensive list of development milestones and when a person, with Down Syndrome, may successfully reach each one:

ACTIVITY Children with Down syndromeTypically developing children

Average ageRangeAverage ageRange
Balances head and holds it steady when swayed5m3m to 8.5m
Rolls from side to back5m3m to 9m
Rolls from stomach to back6m5m to 12m
Supports body on arms, lifts head and chest when lying on stomach6m3m to 10m
Reaches one arm forward when lying on stomach6m5m to 10m
Sits with support7m5m to 9m
Hand to foot play7m4m to 10m
Rolls from back to stomach7m5m to 9m
Rolls over 8m4m to 12m5m2m to 10m
Moves around his/her own axis while sitting on floor8m5m to 13m
Sits while supported by own arms8m5m to 15m
Sits in high chair9m6m to 15m
Sits without support for one minute or more9m6m to 16m7m5m to 9m
Crawls14m9m to 19m
Sits steadily for 10 minutes or more and is well balanced11m8.5m to 15.5m
Changes from sitting to standing position 13m8m to 17m
Crawls with stomach lifted from the floor 14m10m to 20m
Pulls to stand using furniture15m8m to 26m8m7m to 12m
Walks with support16m6m to 30m10m7m to 12m
Stands alone18m12m to 38m11m9m to 16m
Climbs up a flight of stairs20m12m to 28m
Walks 10 feet with a push toy22m16m to 30m
Walks alone23m13m to 48m12m 9m to 17m
Walks up stairs with help30m20m to 48m17m12m to 24m
Walks downstairs with help36m24m to 60m+17m13m to 24m
Runsaround 4 years
Walks up stairs holding the rail alternating feet56m(40m to 66m)
Jumps on the spot4 to 5 years
Rides a tricycle 15 feet61m(50m to 72m)
Walks down stairs holding the rail alternating feet 81m (21m)(60m to 96m)

ACTIVITYChildren with Down syndromeTypically developing children
Average ageRangeAverage ageRange
Smiles when touched and talked to2m1.5 to 4m1m1m to 2m
Smiles spontaneously3m2m to 6m2m1.5m to 5m
Recognises mother/father 3.5m3m to 6m2m1m to 5m
Approaches image in mirror 6.5m4m to 10m
Takes solids well8m5m to 18m7m4m to 12m
Feeds self with biscuit10m6m to 14m5m4m to 10m
Plays pat-a-cake, peek-a-boo games11m9m to 16m8m5m to 13m
Holds up arms and legs when getting dressed and undressed15m12m to 20m
Drinks from a cup20m12m to 30m12m9m to 17m
Uses spoon or fork20m12m to 36m13m8m to 20m
Urine control during the day36m18m to 50m+24m14m to 36m
Plays social/interacting games3.5 to 4.5 years
Bowel control36m20m to 60m+24m16m to 48m
Dresses self partially (not buttons/laces)4 to 5 years
Uses toilet or potty without help (using a special step)4 to 5 years
ACTIVITYChildren with Down syndromeTypically developing children
Average ageRangeAverage ageRange
Follows object with eyes, in circle3m1.5m to 6m1.5m1m to 3m
Grasps dangling ring6m4m to 11m4m2m to 6m
Removes towel from eyes (during play)8m5m to 13m
Looks for an object which disappears out of view8m5m to 13m
Lets go of one object in order to pick up another8m5m to 11m
Passes object from hand to hand8m6m to 12m5.5m4m to 8m
Imitates movements11m8 to 17m
Shakes rattle to make a sound11m8 to 17m
Pulls string to attain toy11.5m7m to 17m7m5m to 10m
Picks up object from a box12m9m to 17m
Finds objects hidden under cloth13m9m to 21m8m 6m to 12m
Uses index finger to explore objects13m8m to 22m
Claps hands13m9m to 18m
Opens box to find a toy14m 11m to 17m
Rolls/catches ball14m10m to 19m
Makes marks on paper with crayon14m10m to 27m
Attempts to imitate a scribble15.5m10m to 21m
Puts cube in cup16.5m 10m to 24m
Puts 3 or more objects into cup or box19m12m to 34m12m9m to 18m
Picks up an object size of a currant using thumb and forefinger only20m12m to 36m
Builds a tower of two 1'' cubes20m14m to 32m 14m 10m to 19m
Puts a peg in pegboard two or more times 23m17m to 36m
ACTIVITY Children with Down syndromeTypically developing children
Average ageRangeAverage ageRange
Reacts to sounds1m0.5m to 1.5m0 to 1m
Vocalises to smile and talk4m1.5m to 8.5m
Shows satisfaction in social interaction6m5m to 9m
Gains attention by making sound variations (not crying)7m5m to 12m
Turns to sound of voice6m3m to 8m4m2m to 6m
Reacts appropriately to signal gestures (come up, look)8m6m to 13m
Say da-da, ma-ma11m7m to 18m8m 5m to 14m
Performative communication11m8m to 18m
Imitates sound 11m 7m to 18m
Responds to familiar words13m10m to 18m8m 5m to 14m
Responds to familiar words by gestures, etc.13.5m10m to 18m
Responds to 'no'14m11m to 24m
Responds to simple verbal instructions16m12m to 24m10m6m to 14m
Points when requested to 3 body parts (eye, nose, mouth)17m13m to 25m
Jabbers expressively 18m12m to 30m12m9m to 14m
Says first word(s)18m13m to 36m14m10m to 23m
Shows needs by gestures22m14m to 30m14.5m 11m to 19m
Says 2 words22m15.5m to 30m
A few two word sentences30m18m to 60m+
Uses words spontaneously and to communicate1.5 to 6 years
Next week, I think we'll try giving Josiah some belly time and see how he does.

Thursday, we bring him back to the pediatrician for his post-op follow-up/4 month visit/weight check.  I'm really curious about the weight.  We were able to stop the Lasix last Thursday, so that cannot contribute to weight loss anymore.  He has been eating like he never did before (my body is still trying to adjust to the increased feeds, including middle of the night ones :).  I hope to see the weight increase soon....

It's another mellow day at home.  I have so many in-home projects to complete.  I'll try to accomplish a few today.

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