Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday's EI Visit

We like Mondays.  K comes (from EI) to work with both boys.

James was very happy to see K as she was on vacation last week.  He adores her.  They played with puzzles, play dough, and a multitude of other toys.  James only qualified for EI for expressive speech.  He is definitely talking up a storm but the clarity of words isn't there yet.  James truly loves his time with K.  She is usually greeted with a huge smile and laughter.  What more could you ask for?

K came back later in the day to work with Josiah.  Josiah was happy to see her.  He was more than happy to demonstrate his new tricks for her (as he did with D last week).  He continues to raise both arms straight up the air.  He continues to lift both legs and pull them towards his chest.  He enjoys a tripod toy which he clearly demonstrates his understanding of cause-and-effect.  He kicks a green bar which turns on the motion-activated music.  When the song ends, he becomes disgruntled, lifts his legs up, and kicks the green bar again.  He repeated this numerous times for K.  He is doing it's not just coincidence.  We are very excited.  Josiah tolerated side-lying very well.  He even tolerated increased belly time.  He made several good attempts to lift his head; his muscles just aren't strong enough yet.  We are all pleased with the progress he's making.

Jesse continues to do well in preschool.  He returned to school today, after enjoying February vacation last week.  I think he was pleased to be back with his friends.

Josiah has been great about sleeping in his crib.  I have been afforded the opportunity to sleep in my own bed since last week's transition back to normalcy.  It's been wonderful.  Much to my pleasure, Josiah seems to falling into his own schedule now.  He usually wakes around 5am for a feeding.  His feedings are becoming more predictable.  Every three hours seems to work for him now.  I am thrilled.  The variable 1-3 hours was becoming very draining.  I like the every three hour deal.  Josiah generally falls asleep around 12am and I am able to get a solid five hours before starting the schedule over again.

I'm feeling more productive these days.  The predictable feeding schedule has certainly helped.  Today, I did 7 loads of laundry, changed the kids beds, did some general pick up, and still had time for playing with the kids.  Everything is falling back into place. 

I am thankful.

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