Monday, July 8, 2013

Vision and Ortho

A couple of weeks ago, Josiah had his first appointment with Children's Ophthalmology Department.

We arrived early to the satellite office and filled out 'new' patient information.

Josiah was first seen by an optometrist, who was young and sweet. She held up long pieces of cardboard in front of Josiah. On each one, a black and white picture was strategically placed. She watched to see how quickly Josiah's eyes would focus on the pictures. He performed brilliantly!!!

Next, she dilated his eyes....he was not impressed. However, thanks to a few toys, Josiah became distracted quickly.

After the 20 minute wait for his eyes to dilate properly, he was seen by ophthalmologist. She looked at his eyes, and performed various tests.

In the end, the results were good. Josiah's eyes are healthy!!! He is showing early signs of nearsightedness - this is not uncommon. Both his parents are also nearsighted :) Despite the early signs, the doctor doesn't feel that intervention is needed at this time.

We'll follow up with her in six months.

In the meanwhile, Josiah has continued his weekly physical therapy sessions. He is making huge strides. He has been practicing his weight bearing skills. He is able to stand, with assistance. He is not yet taking steps, but he is working hard.

A few weeks ago, the PT voiced concern over his low muscle tone (specifically in the ankle area). Josiah's ankles turn in when he stands (especially the left foot). She believes that a temporary ankle brace may be helpful. It would serve three purposes: It would help stabilize the ankle; It will boost his confidence; and, it may encourage his to start taking steps.

So, after a few quick calls and emails, Josiah's first visit with orthopedics is scheduled. In a few weeks, we shall see what the recommendations are.

Now, I just need to schedule his standard follow up with audiology & make his first appointment with dental.

Ahhhh! Then, I think we'll be all set until his flu shot in September.

I'll keep you posted :)


  1. We are so happy to hear how well Josiah is doing!!! My Levi is getting his orthodoxes tomorrow. I'm so excited to see how he does. He too has angle problems. We hus had new tubes placed and adnoids removed last week. So we are hoping this helps with his hearing.
    I'm so happy to hear that Josiah eyes are great. That is always amazing news. We are glad to see y'all back blotting:)
    Jody and Levi

    1. Let me know how Levi makes out getting his orthodoxes :) I hope you see an improvement in his hearing soon. Your journey reminded me to schedule Josiah's follow up in audiology - I just scheduled it for next week. Thanks for following our journey :) It's a wonderful road we travel <3.