Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mama's New Found Freedom

In the days after Josiah's room being moved upstairs, I have found freedom I'd forgotten.

As previously described, our once completely-open basement became two bedrooms, an office, and small play area.  However, all the 'separate' rooms shared the recessed lighting.  Therefore, if Josiah was asleep, the lights had to remain off.  If we needed something in our bedroom or I needed to access my desk computer, we did so in the dark.  The boys could only play downstairs if Josiah wasn't napping/sleeping.

Not only were the boys not utilizing their play area, I was mostly avoiding my office area.  It simply had become too inconvenient.  

All of a sudden, Josiah's room is upstairs and the room is (mostly) open again. I can blog at all hours of the day and night.  Case in point: Josiah is napping now; Mama is blogging, with the lights on. 

Before Josiah awoke this morning, I was putting things away and had no concern for the lights being on.

What a glorious freedom it is.  

Sometimes, my friends, it truly is the little things.

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