Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Making a List and Checking it Twice

No, I have not been Christmas shopping.  I have not even started that list yet.  However, I have had a running tally of appointments that I was supposed to make and hadn't gotten around to it yet.  So, this morning, I took the bull by the horns and grabbed my phone.

Josiah was first seen by audiology shortly after birth.  He had failed his newborn screening.  He was essentially cleared.  We were supposed to follow up with them at one year.  Well, Josiah was checked by audiology at Children's twice since then.  Both times, results were inconclusive.  So, we decided to schedule this follow up for the local office (where he had had his first screening).  By the end of next week, that follow up will be done!

I had scheduled Josiah for his first dental appointment back in January.  Kids with DS tend to have increased levels of bacteria in their mouths.  They also tend to have more dental issues.  Well, his DS clinic was in January.  I jumped to the conclusion that he would be seen by dental at the clinic.  As circumstances would have it, the dental staff was at a conference the day we were they.  Therefore, Josiah was never seen.  I've been meaning to call our local office to reschedule that.  By the end of next week, that appointment will be completed!  (And, as luck would have it, they are able to see the older boys at the same time).

Oh yeah, when I talked to the dental office, they asked about Josiah's health.  When I told them about Josiah's OHS (open heart surgery) last January, they asked for something in writing from the cardiologist.  They need to know if Josiah requires pre-meds for dental visits.  Wow!!!  Not once have I ever considered that possibility.  I said, " I don't think so."  As I thought about it more though, I wonder....  My Mom has a steel plate in her toe and requires antibiotics before dental work.  Josiah's sternum was put back together with steel ties after surgery.  Hmmmm.  Well, needless-to-say, I have a call in to the cardiology department.  I'm waiting to hear from them. 

Meanwhile, Josiah's orthopedic appointment is in a few weeks; His next DS clinic is in September; and, his next vision follow up is in October.

There!!!!  I did it.

Now, I just need to call the pediatrician's office at the end of August to schedule his flu shot.

My theme this week: It truly is the little things :)

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