Monday, July 8, 2013

Moving On Up

We live in a raised ranch with three bedrooms upstairs and finished basement. At least, that's how it was when we first moved in. Back then, it was just C and me. We shared a bedroom upstairs. We each had our own office. Downstairs, we enjoyed a finished basement. The other half of the basement was a utility/storage/laundry room.

It was just right.

When our oldest was born, my upstairs office became "the baby's" room. My office moved to a corner of the finished basement.

It was just right.

Almost three years later, our second was born. We put flooring down in our attic and moved all of our stored items upstairs. C turned part of the utility room into a finished office, for him. C's upstairs office became a second kids bedroom.

It was just right.

Then, my sister, needed a place to stay. Without thought or reservation, we gave her our bedroom. C turned one corner of the finished basement into our bedroom, complete with walls. We slept downstairs; everyone else slept upstairs. Everyone had their own room.

It was just right.

Then, Josiah came along. Our bedroom wall was extended to form a second enclosed bedroom. Josiah had his own room. He slept downstairs with us. The finished basement (which was once used as a playroom) contained two bedrooms and a very small play area for the older boys. It was what it was.

It was just right.

My sister moved out last year. The older boys were moved to the larger bedrooms. The smallest of the three rooms became a playroom/storage area. With all that we've had on our plate, the arrangements were simply left as is. Until now.....

This past weekend, we emptied out the smaller bedroom & moved Josiah upstairs. He has a beautiful new bedroom. He sleeps on the same floor as his brothers. We tore down the wall that completed his makeshift basement bedroom. The finished basement is open once again. I am delighted!!!!

I still have a mess to contend with, but it is just right :)

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